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Step away so you can be inspired

atwater creative retreats

Are you in the throes of running your creative business and craving inspiration? Join me this summer in West Chester, PA for an intimate, transformative retreat - a day blending business with creative exploration at my studio + garden.

august 23, 2023 | 9am - 5pm

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Visualize this - you, stepping back, carving out moments of tranquility to garner fresh insights and draw from a wellspring of inspiration.

Do you feel the energy coursing through you? Can you see your transformed self? Are you ready to embrace this moment? This is the essence of the Atwater Retreats. Crafted with the creative entrepreneur, like you, in mind, Atwater Retreats act as a creativity catalyst. They are the bridge, seamlessly connecting your creative inspiration with your goals to push yourself in your entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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and I'll be your guide for the day as you participate in a glorious in-person retreat in West Chester, PA.

Having led a photography classroom for 8 years, Masterminds for the last 4 and various creative retreats over the course of my life, I am delighted to facilitate meaningful times together. There just isn't anything quite like the magic of being together in creative company.

I've seen it time and time again - students enter our time together feeling burnt out, frustrated, lost, a lack of energy or enthusiasm and leave with new perspective that can take them into the next chapter of their creative business. Personally, I think it is the power of the group. But participants often say it's magic. Maybe so?

I hope you'll be joining us this year.
Until then,

xoxo, Sarah

Last October, fate led my husband John and me to a 'For Sale' sign outside a house we'd long admired on our frequent jaunts from our West Chester home to Stroud Preserve. Dated back to 1802, this house, with its two-story garage, a former fabric studio*, is nestled in a breathtaking patch of Chester County. The moment we spotted that sign, we seized the opportunity for a visit and only a few days later our offer was on the table. It just felt right, as if life here was waiting for us. The moment I stepped inside, I knew I was home. Now, the gardens are bursting with life, the studio is steadily shaping up, and I can hardly contain my excitement to welcome you! Here you'll find ample space to learn, explore, reflect, and savor your own slice of heaven. There is such anticipation at the prospect of having you here! 
* studio is on the 2nd floor and is not handicap accessible 

the location

9AM - Kick-off the day as you unwrap your box of handpicked delights. Over coffee and treats, we'll share introductions and start weaving connections. Immerse yourself in a business journaling exercise, followed by an in-depth exploration of each participant's unique business journey. Get ready to be captivated by our guest speaker, the accomplished photographer, Traci Delisser.
12PM - Enjoy a communal lunch, either amid the greenery of the garden or the cozy confines of the studio, depending on the weather. Rest assured, all dietary preferences will be catered to. Post lunch, treat yourself to a quiet interlude - meditate, journal, or even sneak in a refreshing nap or dip in the pool! Choose your setting: the garden, the porch, the pool, or the studio. Then engage your creativity in exercises including collage creation, sketchbook work, and cyanotype. A share out at the end will give you a platform to share your creations and thoughts on the day.
4PM - It's Happy Hour! Savor this time to unwind and reflect.
5PM - As we bid farewell, I hope you leave invigorated, brimming with fresh ideas and fond memories.

there's no experience quite like being among fellow creatives. Join this dynamic group to spark inspiration and be inspired. Walk away with a treasure trove of wisdom for your art and business.

Here is what I have planned for you:

Consider turning your retreat day into a full-blown getaway in the stunning Brandywine Valley. After delving deep into your business, why not stay overnight to fully absorb and strategize?

Sip leisurely coffee in downtown West Chester and find calm in Philadelphia's lush gardens. With easy air access and ride-hailing services, logistics are easy! Whether airbnb, vrbo, or a cozy stay in an area B+B, you'll find the Brandywine Valley a perfect spot to recharge your creative heart. Transform your retreat day into an enriching journey of discovery. Stay tuned for my curated guide to the best local spots.

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It's been a joy to bring artists + creatives together:

" I wish every creative business owner could experience the magic of an Atwater Designs retreat! It is difficult to express how meaningful the experience was to me. Stepping out of your day-to-day routine and immersing yourself in a beautiful, new location surrounded by other supportive, creative souls is pure magic! I walked away with inspiration and ideas to grow my business and feel connected to other women in a way that could only happen by spending time together, in person."

Jackie HeniseE

"Gathering in-person allows for deeper connections, more fluid conversations and brainstorming! I would say an in-person retreat is always worth ones time, especially when hosted by Atwater Designs!."

kris hackl



For a one-time payment, your transformative journey at the creative retreat includes:
A full-day immersive experience at the Atwater Studio
An exclusive Atwater Designs goodie box (valued at $200)
Delectable snacks, refreshing drinks, a communal lunch, and a lively happy hour
A wellspring of inspiration and valuable takeaways for your art and business
An opportunity to build enduring friendships and invaluable connections with fellow creatives

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more kind words:

"Owning a creative business can be isolating, hectic, and overwhelming. Taking the time to celebrate and troubleshoot your business with fellow creatives allows you to reset in a way that can't be done alone or with people who don't know what it's like to be running a business. It's worth investing in yourself to take yourself to the next level, feel more grounded, and see that others are doing it too—experiencing both the ups and downs of running a creative business. Sarah's retreat felt more special because it was truly about celebrating our creativity, what makes us each unique, what ties us together, and allowed for bonding and downtime. I really enjoyed every second of it and felt more like myself than I have in a long time!"

Cynthia Oswald | @cynthiaoswalddesign

"The magic that was bringing together all of these women can't be bottled up and served online."

anna patterson | @atpattersondesign

"No matter how useful of a tool zoom is, there is nothing like being able to have the in person connection that a retreat offers. Especially with something like this where you get to step away from the daily distractions of life & spend the entire day being around other creatives.

tina crespo | @tinacrespo

"You may be thinking, can I really step away from life? Is it really worth it to spend time in person? The answer is an irrefutable yes."

charlotte rosen | @movementdesignedtofeelgood


Frequent Questions

How much is the retreat?

The cost for the August retreat is a one-time payment of $500.

When is it?

The retreat is Wednesday, August 23, 2023 from 9am to 5pm

Where is it?

The event is held at my studio and garden in West Chester, PA. The exact address will be emailed to you with more details the week before the event.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you are a creative business owner of any kind you are welcome to join this day long retreat. This retreat is right for you if you own and run your own business in the creative field and wish to step away from your day to day to be around other awesome creative folks doing the same. If you aren't sure, just email me and we can chat: sarah@atwaterdesigns.com

I have some dietary restrictions, will they be accommodated? 

YES! I am well-versed in dietary accommodations. Fear not. I will send a survey out a few weeks prior to the event where you can fill in your preferences. 

Is it rain or shine?

It is a rain or shine event! No matter the weather, we'll be hanging out!

Is there a refund policy? 

Unfortunately, the ticket is non-refundable. Think of it like a concert or a ball game. If you cannot make it, you are more than welcome to give your ticket to someone else. 

What are the take-a-ways?

The physical take-a-ways are a box of Atwater Designs goodies (I love a good goodie box, so it should be awesome!) You will also get to take home all artwork created, all business ideas and thoughts, and maybe a few surprises I have up my sleeve. In terms of general take-a-ways, you will likely walk away with some thoughts about your business, inspiration, friendship, connection, and so much more, simply by being in the room with other creatives. 


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