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Your home can help you feel alive and at peace. Since your home is both a refuge and a laboratory of possibilities, it should evoke the wonder and the whimsy that is in your heart. Since 2017, my blue + white cyanotypes have empowered those who share my delight in nature’s beauty to bring both the calm and untamed of the natural world into their most intimate of spaces.

Silence continues to be my best mentor and my source of untold inspiration. From my earliest experiences meditating while in high school, I have continually found that settling into silence is a transformative journey. When I allow myself to embark on that journey, I feel both empowered and compelled to represent the feelings I experience in visual form.

My desire to explore the realms of silence while noticing my own receptivity to that exploration has formed the core of my artistic pursuit: a persistent desire to understand the natural world and in-turn, myself, through silence. Every time I pause and pay attention to the silence, I find that Rumi was right: it has so much to say. Each one of my creations is an expression of these silent words. 

artist's note

“Working with Sarah on a series of commissioned pieces was such an incredible and personal experience, in part because she welcomed us into her process and made it our own. Sarah saw the beauty in our beloved garden, and she was able to bring that beauty to life through her cyanotypes, and now in our home. It's so clear how much Sarah cares about her work and her clients. She was kind, professional, organized, and completed the project on the exact timeline she shared with us! We get endless compliments on Sarah's artwork.”

Paul L.

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Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. 

John Muir


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