Original Artwork for Your Personal Collection


Your home is your haven: a place of inspiration, comfort, and peace. Every element of the room tells a story about who you are and what inspires you. Custom artwork allows you to design your space with intention—to accent your home with original pieces, handcrafted just for you.

From my heart to your home.

Custom pieces for your personal collection

A commissioned piece is one specific to you—a cyanotype custom-created to align with your vision and to bring you wonder and delight.

commissions process

Sometimes you know what makes you feel alive but can’t find words to describe it. That’s why I work closely with you until we are both clear on your vision for this special piece. 

01: Share Your Vision

I gather specimens from my garden and from natural flora, local to you (perhaps even from your own garden); then get to work cutting, brushing, trimming, styling, arranging, and exposing, until your vision comes to life in the final washout. 

02: I Bring Your Vision to Life

You provide input and feedback about the work or works created, so that together we refine your piece until it brings you the same wonder and delight I feel every time I get to create using this magical process. 

03: We Refine the Final Piece

“We really enjoyed working with Sarah! I had admired her work for so long, and we decided to work with Sarah on a large commissioned piece. Sarah took so much time with us to help us bring our vision to life. She welcomed our ideas, and she created a personal piece for us that is so special. Sarah cares deeply about her work and her clients and the process was personal and fun! .”

- Courtney + Billy D.

I have had the pleasure of working on commission projects for a variety of clients. I love helping you create the perfect work that is unique to your space. I will also help you with specific sizing and framing recommendations.

I welcome a shared vision and look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me via this form in order to schedule your free consult call. No project is too small or too large.

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Have you seen a piece that you loved from a collection but it sold out before you could collect it? Or have you visited me at a market and seen something that you are pretty sure would fit your home but not positive? Or maybe you wanted to talk with your significant other about it before making the purchase A custom commission could be the perfect fit for you.



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