Frequently asked Questions


Can we resell your products without prior signed permission? 

No. Please obtain all necessary documents from me BEFORE using anything that you find on this site. 

Can we use your image(s) for branding or marketing materials without signed permission and signing an agreement?

I would love to. I love to see my work in the homes of those that will benefit from my aesthetic and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Do you work with interior designers on specific homes?

Of course! Contact me so that we can talk! 

I am a shop owner and would like to sell your prints/products in my store, are you interested?

Yes indeed. Thank you for your interest. Contact me with the file sizes that you need and to set up a time to chat! 

I am a blogger/writer/editor and would love to feature your work. Can you send me info and photos?

I would love to have you. My studio is open by appointment only. Contact me and we can work out a time!

I want to visit your studio, do you take visitors? 

Yes. I would love to work together with you to make a print that will fit perfectly in your home. Please see my commissions page for more details.

Do you create commission work?

All sales are final with the exception of damaged goods. For more details please visit the shipping & returns page.

Can I return an item? 

We ship using USPS First Class and Priority Mail. For more details please visit the shipping & returns page. 

How do you ship your orders?

No - we offer a wide variety of standard size prints.

Can I order a print in a different size than the ones you have listed?


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