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JANUARY 15 - 31

Building an Annual Plan

If there is one significant moment - a line in the sand, if you will - about my business it is the practice of building an annual plan. In this short, 40-minute course I walk you through how to do this so you can be more on top of the business you run and the art you create! (Learn more)

january 27 - 29 @8am est

The Annual Studio Sale!

Once a year and oh boy, oh boy, this year is gonna be goooooood. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter and set those clocks for 8am each day of the sale. New works added each day. (Take me there!)

february 7 @ 10am EST

The Color Show - Well & Wonder

The first group show of the year is all about color to brighten those walls in the depths of February, what is more fun than that? I'll be exhibiting 6 new works in this show! (Learn more)

FEBRUARY 22 - 29

Art Print Week

A whole new look to the art print shop - new prints added in new sizes and all art reproduction prints are 25% off for the whole week! (Shop Now)


Workshop Calendar

The schedule for the much anticipated workshops will be coming out in the month of March. Stay tuned for more details coming to your inbox.

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