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After studying Studio Art at Warren Wilson College, I pursued my MFA in Printmaking and Book Arts from The University of the Arts. I furthered my studies at Tyler School of Art in Philly, Books Works in Asheville, NC, and Maine Media Workshops + College in Camden, ME to name just a few. I have exhibited my work in galleries from the United States, to Spain, to South Korea. I have been helping others learn about the power of an artistic process since 2005 and taught both darkroom and digital photography at the Agnes Irwin School on Philadelphia’s Main Line.

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Arches Hot PressPaper, Stonehenge Paper, Jacquard Products Cyanotype A+B solution, Foam Brushes, Redwing Drawing Pencils

A cyanotype is a photographic process founded in 1842 by Sir John Herschel mainly as a way of reproducing documents known as blueprints. About a year later, Anna Atkins famously used the cyanotype process to document physical algae specimens and became the first person to illustrate a book using photographic images.

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Cyanotypes are created using a 1:1 ratio of ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. Once combined they become reactive to the sun.

I walk, a lot. When I walk, I am deep in concentration, looking at plant silhouettes, their form and how they might render as a future cyanotype.

02: Arrange Specimens

Using hand-coated and light sensitive paper, I expose my work to the UV rays of the sun in order to produce the botanical composition of each piece.

03: Delight in the Wonder

Each cyanotype is a representation of a moment in time, like a visual poem marking the sun, the wind, and the clouds of a given day. No two are ever the same. These moments get to live on your wall and bring the reminder of the natural world into your home.

01: Invite Inspiration

“I came across Atwater Designs on Instagram and I immediately fell in love with Sarah’s beautiful cyanotypes. I enjoyed her stories and posts and passion for her art! I first purchased a small piece, then a cyanotype kit, then commissioned Sarah to create for me 4 pieces each representing a season. My experience connecting with Sarah is one I will always treasure. Seeing her artwork in my home fills me with joy everyday!! ”

- Diana T

When we attend to the silence, our words give way to thoughts. Like ferns on the forest floor, our thoughts unfurl and give life to everything around us. I have found this much to be true: we have the power to change the world one thought at a time. 

the Heart Behind the Work

Isn't it time your favorite plants had life on your walls all-year round? I'd love to bring that vision to life. Click below to start your collection of bespoke pieces that bring that vision to life. 

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