Because your creative business should be rooted in awe


When our businesses and everything we do for them comes from a place of Wonder, we inspire others and are inspired ourselves, in a way that keeps us accountable to the dreams and goals we have set.

applications for 2023 will open in mid october

Through the Wonder Mastermind, you will spend one full calendar year with other creatives in growth, accountability, and inspiration.

During this year you will grow in clarity so you can take your business to the next level. This Mastermind is unique in that the group will remain small so that you will know and be known by the participants.
  • Learn to trust yourself so that you can grow your business with confidence
  • Elevate your authentic voice
  • Build a detailed vision for your business
  • Clarify goals and set attainable goals
  • Find your most profitable products
  • Track and understand your finances
  • Identify legal vulnerabilities in your business
  • Create gorgeous product photography
  • Generate passive income by diversifying your business strategy
  • Market for a successful holiday season
  • Plan engaging launch strategies
  • Leverage email lists to boost your sales (and so much more!)


  • 1:1 strategy sessions with me 3 times per year to discuss and set goals for your business  
  • Monthly Mastermind Meeting (virtual) every 2nd Tuesday at 1pm EST
  • Monthly Peer Group Meetings (virtual); times are TBD (group assignments rotate quarterly)
  • On-going community conversations via an online platform
  • Weekly Monday check-in email from me and prompts for Community conversation
  • “Open Studios” in January where you will introduce yourself and your process to the group
  • 2-Day virtual retreat in March 
  • 2-Day in-person retreat in September (ticket to this event sold separately)
Like many things, the time we put in directly reflects the amount we get out. Although these are the touch points with the group, I encourage you to get involved as much as possible in other people's journey so that you can benefit from the advice, encouragement and accountability of the mastermind.

During our year together, you will benefit from:

I am so honored to have walked the creative journey alongside these fabulous women

“There’s incredible strength in not walking the creative journey alone. The beauty of a mastermind is the personal relationship built over time with a group of fellow artists + creatives who get you, push you, challenge you, and celebrate you. A mastermind also allows the ability to think through things and problem solve in real time. I’ve known Sarah for a year. I have watched her create, launch, grow, and lead in the most humble and soul-stirring ways. She is a gentle force in my life that has been an incredible source of encouragement to my art and business. She is a mentor, fellow truth-speaker, soul-friend, and leader. She leads and creates in ways that cause me to be better, more inspired, and in awe of this beautiful, wonder-filled, creative life.”

Kristin Cronic, 
fellow member of the Mark Maker’s Mastermind, led by Bonnie Christine

“Sarah is a compassionate teacher and leader to her core. Not only does she bring in 15 years of experience nurturing her students, she also has a heart for community, compassion for others, and creative brilliance. She has been a great sounding board for me when I’ve felt stuck in my creative business, but she has also met me in the messy moments with great empathy. I’m so grateful for the way Sarah has used her heart and talent to bring together people, and cannot say enough wonderful things about her as a mentor and leader for artists and creatives!”

Arin Guthe of True Cotton Art, fellow past member of the Mark Maker’s Mastermind, led by Bonnie Christine

$2,498/yr or $249/mo


The cost of the 12 month Wonder Mastermind can be paid in 1 of 2 ways: IN FULL for $2,498 (2 months free) or in MONTHLY installments of $249

Wonder | The Mastermind

Community is Everything

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More lovely words:

My business went from reactive to proactive. I'm going into 4th quarter fully prepared and I've never felt this way before.

tina crespo | @tinacrespo

My business has changed drastically from one year ago. I quit my corporate job and will be opening the shop I have been dreaming about for years. 

erin olsovsky | @shoppropergoods

Everything has been elevated. From my artist statement to my website, each piece is still a work in progress, but each piece has been touched and improved upon.

Jackie henisee | @heniseepottery

This mastermind helped me to see I am not just an artist. I am building a career.

Anna patterson | @apattersondesign

Two words: magical and growth! This mastermind was full of ah-ha moments that led to gaining direction in my creative career.

kara valentino ffield | @karavalentinoffield

This mastermind helped me see what is important to ME, not what I thought should be important.

ella friberg | @ellafriberg

The people I have met in this Mastermind showed me where I fit into a larger community and helped me to feel like I have a place at the table.

Cynthia Oswald | @cynthiaoswalddesign

This group gave me the knowledge, structure and support I needed for my business, in the best possible way—sharing and growing with friends.

Liz brown | @pinklimecreative


I’m so excited to learn more about the journey you are on.

This Mastermind is something I have dreamed of putting together since 2018. I have a heart for others exploring the creative process and trying to make a life from their work.

As an educator of 16 years, I find value in the collective brain, the beauty of relationship, and the way a group has the ability to support and inspire. I have found that having people in my corner that truly know my business has been life-changing.

I have a passion for walking through the uncertainty of starting and running a creative business with you, to help mentor and guide, to provide feedback and direction. Sometimes all we need is to get out of our own head!

I hope the Wonder Mastermind provides you the space to ask the big questions and sit with the answers so that you feel more confident on your creative journey.

I can’t wait to have you grow with us during the 2023 year.

xoxo, Sarah

Interested in joining the Wonder Mastermind? Applications for the 2023 year together will open in mid October 2022. I'd love to see you when applications re-open. Join the waitlist to be the first to know.

Wonder Mastermind

Applications for 2023 will open in mid-October, 2022

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Frequent Questions

How much is the mastermind?

$249 a month or $2,498 a year (2 months free). This is paid either monthly or in full after acceptance into the mastermind—full payment or first monthly payment will be due by October 31, 2022 as your commitment into the group.

When does the mastermind start?

The Mastermind begins in January of 2023. Mastermind participants will be introduced to one another as soon as membership is set in November 2021.

How do I know if this is right for me?

This Mastermind is a community space for creatives. It isn't right for someone who is still only dreaming about their business, but it is ideal for someone who has established some presence with their work in their community, or online. If you are not sure, feel free to email me at:

I'm not an artist. Can I still apply?

Because this group is about moving your business forward in a thoughtful, intentional way, in community with other creatives, it very well may be. If you are an artist, a maker, or entrepreneur who is building a career from your creativity, whether that creativity is movement, food, photography or paintings, etc., you'll find support and encouragement in the Wonder Mastermind. As we journey across 12 months, this intentional group of creatives motivate, inspire, and strengthen one another as we propel our businesses forward. If you are still not certain, feel free to email me at:

How will we communicate with you and the rest of the group?

We will communicate via an online platform and will meet virtually via ZOOM. An in-person retreat will be held in September 2023 and participants will purchase a separate ticket to that event.

If I decide this program isn't for me, what is your refund policy?

Please take some time to consider whether this Mastermind is a good fit for your business goals BEFORE applying, as refunds are not available after January 31, 2023. If you decide in the first 30 days that this is not for you, you will be refunded 11 months.

What is the time commitment?

The minimum time commitment is:
  • 1:1 strategy sessions with me at the beginning, middle and end of the year to talk and set goals.
  • “Open Studios” in January where you will introduce yourself and your process to the group
  • A group monthly meeting via ZOOM on Tuesdays at 1pm EST
  • Community conversations via an online platform
  • Monthly Peer Group Meetings
  • 2-Day virtual retreat
  • 2-Day in-person retreat (ticket to this event will be sold separately)

Like many things, the time we put in directly reflects the amount we get out. Although these are the touch points with the group, I encourage you to get involved as much as possible in other people's journey so that you can depend on one another for advice, encouragement and accountability.

Is there an online community platform?

YES! We will have an online community space to ask questions and share ideas.