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Wild and Free

11"x14" Giclee Print. Add a touch of inspiration to your home with our best-selling art print.

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Mystery Hibiscus

This was one of my very first attempts at experimental cyanotypes and I couldn’t part with the original. 

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Japanese Maple No. 2

11"x14" Giclee Print. An asymmetrical composition featuring Japanese Maple leaves.

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Starburst of Ideas

11"x14" Giclee Print. Add a starburst of ideas to your home collection, inspired by the garden. 

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Featured Product

"The significance of a field is so much larger than a blade of grass in the wind. It is a space to pause, a space for reflection, for perspective and the place to consider where you are going and where you have been... 

My hope with this collection is that it invites you into this space to ponder and fall in love. I hope that you feel like you can walk right into these pieces and be reminded to trust yourself and to learn to love where you are."

40” x 60” one-of-a-kind original cyanotype, framed.

Field of Dreams

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Arriving AUG 10 2022

Silence continues to be my best mentor and my source of untold inspiration. From my earliest experiences meditating while in high school, I have continually found that settling into silence is a transformative journey. When I allow myself to embark on that journey, I feel both empowered and compelled to represent the feelings I experience in visual form.

My desire to explore the realms of silence while noticing my own receptivity to that exploration has formed the core of my artistic pursuit: a persistent desire to understand the natural world and in-turn, myself, through silence. Every time I pause and pay attention to the silence, I find that Rumi was right: it has so much to say. Each one of my creations is an expression of these silent words. 

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